WASEI -- Our First Initiative

We are getting our program off the ground with a new program -- West Africa Sustainable Economic Initiative (WASEI). We'll start with a pilot in Cameroon, and after fully developing that program will roll it out to up to 12 countries in the region. We will partner with Bethel World Outreach Ministries, which has a strong church presence in the region and an urgent interest in helping foster economic growth to add to the wellbeing of the populace. We plan to open a small MFI in Cameroon, and add business management training for all borrowers to the lending services. This will be the feeder program for what is really our core activity, which is establishing a business incubator for those MFI borrowers who have the desire and skill to grow their businesses into sustainable asets. In the incubator, they will receive more advanced business management training, business services such as accounting, IT, and market development, coaching and mentoring, and equity investment. We will also introduce franchise-type opportunities for goods and services that are needed in these communities, such as GrowFish and Barefoot Power. We will work closely with Regent's University, which is establishing business training centers under the name Global Trasformation Group.

There will be more more on this website about the rationale and details of our program shortly. Check back -- we're getting the website together!